Report your Lost Baggage
Baggage Report
This report is only possible if you have travelled for the last 24 hours 
It is only possible to create a baggage report if you travelled with us within the last 24 hours.

If you arrived more than 24 hours ago or if your destination was Brazil (except Sao Paulo - Guarulhos), Italy or the United Kingdom, then the report shall be created via Talk to Us.
Lost Baggage Identification
Please fill in the following information to create the lost baggage report.
Insert Booking Reference
Insert Last Name
Is your baggage missing?
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We will make every effort to return your baggage to you as soon as possible! 
Use this service to:
• Report your missing baggage within 24 hours after landing
• Identify your lost baggage through your Booking Reference and Last Name
Where can I find the Booking Reference and the Last Name:
Last Name
Booking Reference
Track your baggage
Stay up-to-date on the process to find your baggage. 

You can check our baggage tracer at any time and make changes to the process data, using the registration number provided when reporting the loss.

Since all bags are very similar, any identifying details are very important.

Here: Https://
Damaged or tampered baggage
Check your bag before leaving the airport. If it is damaged or you notice articles are missing, let us know immediately.

You can do it at the airport, at the Lost & Found desks near the carousels where the bags arrive, so your complaint is registered and the respective document issued.
You must keep this document until the matter is settled.

Before reporting baggage damage

Please note that baggage registered at check-in suffers, during handling and transit through airport facilities, normal and unavoidable wear.

As such, TAP cannot assume responsibility for minor damage, such as:

Small signs of dirt;
Small cuts or dents;
Zipper puller;
Loss of removable/detachable accessories;
Damage due to excess baggage content;
Items not accepted for transportation*.

 *(See general transport conditions)
Compensation and liability
If we cannot find your baggage in a reasonable time, we are willing to compensate you as stated in the terms and conditions of our liability. 

Please contact us in order to start the compensation process.

As specified in the Transportation Conditions, the liability of TAP for the loss and delay of baggage is limited and a loss process is only set in motion after analysis of the information.